In my monthly Monday Meditation group we practiced Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche’s Tibetan Sound Healing. This practice is extremely powerful and can be life altering if practiced regularly. If you would like to purchase the book complete with the audio files for the meditation, it can be found at any number of locations online, including Sound True’s website.

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According to my intuition coach, Anya, this will be a time on our planet of a lot of death and exits. There is an era of light and love coming. We are in a period of preparation for this.

So I am keeping the below chant on my meditation page indefinitely. I practice this chant when someone I know or have a personal connection to is leaving this plane through death.

This chant/practice is from Yongdzin Tenzin Namdak Rinpoche, also part of the Bon Buddhism lineage. More information can be found at the Chamma Ling site.



This mantra is associated with the Nirmanakaya, or physically manifest body of the Buddha, and is known as the purification mantra, or the mantra that offers protection from negative energies. The mantra can be broken into four groups of seed syllables:

A KAR A ME is the antidote.
TU TI SU NAG PO represents the negative emotions that are purified.
SHI SHI MAL MAL is the benefit or result of the mantra.
SO HA cuts doubts, misconceptions and wrong views.

In greater detail, each of the syllables has the following meaning:
A represents space and Sherap Chamma, the loving mother.
KAR represents the clarity of Shenla Odkar.
A represents method and Sangpo Bumtri, one of the primordial Buddhas
ME represents wisdom and Tonpa Shenrab.
(The above four syllables make up the antidote deities and the antidote wisdoms.)
TU represents the afflictions of the hell realm.
TI represents the afflictions of the hungry ghost realm.
SU represents the afflictions of the animal realm.
NAG PO represents the afflictions of the three higher realms of the humans, demi-gods and gods.
(Above are the four afflictions that are purified by the four wisdoms and four deities of the first four syllables.)
SHI SHI overcomes the afflictions.
MAL MAL represents the bliss that arises once the afflictions are dissolved.
SO HA represents the realization of union, the inseparable state.

If you are repeating this mantra rapidly you can recite the SO HA every hundredth repetition, but there are many variations depending on the situation. If you are using the mantra for purification you need not recite SO HA. But if you are trying to cut through a negative influence you would always use SO AH at the end of each repetition.