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Next to Me

I am going in for an elective surgery on Wednesday morning. I will admit, although I am excited about the procedure, I am also a bit nervous and scared. When I was two I had a traumatic surgical experience. So, as I approach this new surgery I have been clearing and healing the remaining ick … Continue reading


I am at this remarkable place in my life where things really seem to be sliding in to place. Joanne observed a few years ago that I do better when I am involved in some sort of regular therapeutic relationship. She actually noticed it when I was taking Debra Woog’s business course I’ve mentioned before … Continue reading


This spring while watching an episode of Glee I was really struck by one of their original songs. The title is “You Have More Friends Than You Know.” On the trip home from my most recent “A Continuing Journey” workshop, this song came on from my playlist. I started to cry as I sang along … Continue reading


Weird to write about this since I haven’t written in such a long time. Guess everything has cycles. Years ago my ex once said we should write a book about co-parenting through a divorce. My internal response was. “Yeah, right.” But yesterday, after another one of our family meetings, I have completely embraced this idea. … Continue reading

Bearing Witness

Yesterday I attended the funeral of Noah Samuel Pozner. He was 6 years old. He was killed on Friday at Sandy Hook Elementary. I did not know Noah. I am the co-Service Unit Manager of Girl Scouts here in Darien. Noah’s sister Sophia is a Girl Scout. On Sunday, Kari Kaplan, the Director of Member … Continue reading

Community Part 2

Never have I been more proud of the town I live in than last night. If you’ve been reading me for a while, you might remember how I feel about Community. I seek it and create it wherever I go. Tonight my community came together in a way I have never experienced. Gretchen Caserotti, a … Continue reading

Open Heart

Kara Glover Billhardt If you’ve read my About Me page or know me, you know we live in coastal SW Connecticut. We were struck hard by Hurricane Sandy. My photog for my blog, Kara Glover Billhardt, took this photo of the Long Island Sound the morning after the storm came through. The Sound hardly ever … Continue reading

I Am

Kara Glover Billhardt Sunday was my ACJ (A Continuing Journey) workshop. I was so looking forward to this. To make it even better, I was blessed to drive up to Massachusetts early in the morning and watch the sun rise to highlight the spectacular fall foliage we are enjoying in New England this autumn. It … Continue reading


Our current homework assignment for ACJ (A Continuing Journey-the group I’ve been participating in and talking about in my blog) is to spend the 19 days preceding our meeting this Sunday creating space to listen to our “essential” self and what is our true calling, our purpose. There’s a lot more to this, but these … Continue reading

Meditation Mondays

I am copying my meditation page as a blog post because I have something very exciting to announce! I am thrilled to announce Meditation Mondays. I will be partnering with the Darien Library to offer a pilot meditation group the first Monday of the month beginning November 5th, continuing December 3rd, January 7th and February … Continue reading