Authentic Self Coaching

I offer my intuitive ability and vision of your true, core self (your soul) to you.

I have many tools in my arsenal to guide you to discovering your Authentic Self.

Once you feel your Authentic Self, we will work on strengthening this connection.

I am a graduate of the two-year intensive training program at the Institute for Conscious Counseling and Coaching in Essex, MA. This school is owned and operated by my mentor/teacher/therapist April Prita Manganiello.

Conomo Point, Essex, MA

I offer one on one coaching, support groups, meditation coaching and meditation groups.

The meditation services are free of charge, because I personally believe no one should ever charge you for meditation. It is knowledge and know how that is meant to be shared.

Please contact me at 203-309-2820 or

I look forward to supporting your Authentic Self on your personal journey!