Photo edited by Kara Glover Billhardt

Photo edited by Kara Glover Billhardt

I am at this remarkable place in my life where things really seem to be sliding in to place.

Joanne observed a few years ago that I do better when I am involved in some sort of regular therapeutic relationship. She actually noticed it when I was taking Debra Woog’s business course I’ve mentioned before in 2012. So about 4 months ago I gave myself the gift of regular bi-weekly sessions with Joanne.

Between these sessions and the ACJ support group, I have emerged out of this last depression in a completely different way than other times. This time I didn’t come out of it with a period of mania, but pretty grounded in fact. The depression slowly eased. It has now completely lifted. This feels so much more healthy.

You know I give Joanne her due credit, but this time what I’ve learned and, coming to trust is, it’s me. I’ve been the guide in our sessions some times, a lot of times. I’ve had the insights, the epiphanies.

Such a great place to enter in this time when my daughters are returning to school.

Meditation group is thriving, which is thrilling!

My volunteer positions are hitting high gear and I’m loving it.

I am ready to launch two new support groups this year, one for those who are divorcing, the other for stay at home parents. I am looking for space to hold these and then I will have more information about them.

I am finding myself refining my elevator pitch. Over the last 3 days, 6 people have asked me for my business card.

I actually committed to a price menu plan and emailed it out to potential client.

I will be moving this site to and doing a complete branding redesign.

Will be hiring Kara to do a photo shoot with me for better images for this new site.

This is a very exciting, yet grounded time for me.

All the pieces seem to be finding their niche.

7 thoughts on “Alignment

  1. Beautiful! So happy to hear you are receiving regular support. Hope we can have a chat soon. If you’re up for making a date, go to – it will take 1-2 minutes max.

  2. Wow…Even though I am sort of up on depression due to a family member that has it. I am still so ignorant to it all. I actually thought you were over most of yours but from this I am guessing that you had a spell this summer. So I wonder how you do deal with the changes of back to school and the ups and downs of life. I am not looking for you to to open up to something if you don’t want to it is more commending you on realizing more of what you need and working to get it to have better results. Very happy for you!

    • Chrissy,

      Boy, I could do a whole post on this question and I probably should at some point.

      Depression is different for every person, much like many chronic conditions and diseases. For me, I have had a bout of depression every year since I started my recovery process. The clinical depression ended, but I still get triggered by things in life and get depressed. I am aware of all the signs now and notice them sooner. This is the first one where I haven’t run from my support, though. I usually wait until I’m starting to come out of it to talk to my coach, therapist, etc. Not true this time, which is why it was so different. We have been able to fine tune and figure out what sets me off.

      People ask if I know I get one every year, why I don’t take meds. In my particular case, medicine does not help me in the way I need it to now. I need to be able to feel the highs and lows so I can make the adjustments with my therapist and coach I need to make. I found my meds clouded this for me. I couldn’t fine tune like I wanted to. Meds are exactly the right thing for many people and I am a HUGE proponent of them. When I was clinically depressed I absolutely needed them. Kept me from becoming suicidal. As did the love I have for others. But that’s a whole different topic. Now I trust myself, my coach and my therapist that we would know if it was right to put me on medication.

      Anyway, this last bout started at the end of February when my sister had a health scare. She’s totally fine, but it really set me off. Started to lift in early May, but it was a much slower process this time. Didn’t really hit my stride fully probably until early July.

      A few years ago, actually my first summer in town, we had an amazing summer. Then when the girls went back to school, I had a sense of loss and got depressed. Now I set up my fall to be busy, which forces me to get out of the house, meet people and be social. This is medicine for me. Why I do Pumpkin Carnival staffing and Girl Scouts. Those both really ramp up in the fall.

      I hope that answers your question. Thanks for asking! This is why I started this blog to give people a window in to depression.

      With love, Julie

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